Wildcraft Nation Sage and Lavender Bundle

Wildcraft Nation Sage and Lavender Bundle

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Sage and Lavender Bundle

Wildcraft Nation Statement

I am Crystal Kennedy, Métis Artist and Herbalist. I winter in the Cache Creek area of central BC, and spend my spring & summer harvests on the Medicine trail regions of Prince George and northern Alberta. I own, create art and formulate products for my company, Wildcraft Nation.

I am mother of 6, Kokom (grandmother) to 25, Sister to many. My year includes participation in several annual traditional group ceremonies and numerous individual ones, in addition to personal family time.

My Indigenous company operates on the belief that all nations have roots in Earth Knowledge. The uncultivated, the wild, the free-growing plants in all quadrants of the planet are healing teachers in one manner or another. We all have a bond with the earth. I believe that this knowledge is not lost to humankind, but rather is simply in need of being re-awakened through sharing, communing, and being in proximity to the herbs and the earth - physically and spiritually. To this end, with respect and gratitude - onward and upward! May we all continue to bond and learn.